Class 1 - Welcome To Our Webpage! 


Class Teacher: Mrs Percival  

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Hayes, Miss McCarthy

Special Suppport Assistants: Mrs Penney, Miss Hunt


Timetable Information

PE Days: Wednesday and Friday

Library Day: Tuesday

Spelling Test: Monday

Number Bond Test:Tuesday


 Above - Clark & Millie - our class representatives on the School Council

Curriculum Summary

        Summer  2    2017         

This half term the children will be exploring ‘The Four Seasons’ and ‘Fairy Tales’.


  • Observing changes across 4 seasons
  • Hibernation and migration
  • Changes in weather and day length


  • Identifying types of weather linked to seasons
  • Weather forecasts
  • Impact of weather on our everyday lives


 Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

  • Staying safe in the sun
  • Appreciating similarities and differences in each other
  • Knowing who we can talk to if we feel upset


Religious Education (RE)

  • Ideas about God in Judaism


  • Games – Playing simple competitive games, using throwing, catching and football skills
  • Athletics – preparing for Sports Day
  • Gymnastics – combining sequences of movements, using apparatus


  • Developing painting techniques
  • Designing and making sunglasses/ a windmill


  • Using 2publish program to produce a sun safety poster
  • Using 2 animate to make a moving picture



  • Singing songs Linked to seasons/weather
  • Exploring rhythm, beat, tempo and volume
  • Playing instruments to accompany songs


  • Counting on and back in ones, two, fives and tens from different starting numbers
  • completing number sequences
  • Understanding the value of a digit e.g. in 37 the 3 has a value of 30
  • Learning number bonds for all numbers to 10/20
  • Choosing the appropriate addition or subtraction strategy
  • Recording multiplication and division using symbols
  • Telling the time to the quarter hour
  • Measuring – weight, length and capacity
  • Recognising all coins, totalling coins
  • Finding ½ and ¼ ¾ of a number of objects
  • Describing 2d and 3d shapes


  • Reading poems about nature
  • Reading and writing fairy tales
  • Writing a non- fiction text about seasons
  • Phonics- different ways of pronouncing sounds e.g. chef chief
  • Handwriting – forming all letters correctly, looking at size and position on the line, capital letters
  • Grammar & Punctuation –Using a full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks correctly. Using conjunctions ‘and’ ‘so’ ‘but’ and ‘because’ to extend sentences.


I hope you find this information useful. If you need any help or further advice please come and see me before or after school or make an appointment.

Thanking you for your continued support

Mrs Percival


Below - our fantastic 'Amazing Africa' classroom display

Below - our terrific 'Festivals: Easter ' hall display


 Below - Autumn Term P.E.