Spring to Summer      


                             Above  - our representatives on the School Council

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Class teacher: Mrs. Percival

Teaching assistants: Mrs Kelsall, Mrs Biddle

PE: Wednesday and Thursday afternoon

Class 2 Curriculum Summary Summer  2018

This term the children will have lots of fun studying ‘Our Local Area’. We will be 'out and about' exploring our area, including visits to Chesham Woods, the Lido, the park and the shops. This is also a very busy term as we shall be preparing for the Year 2 SATs which take place in May and for the Year 1 Phonics test which takes place in June.


  • Identifying wild plants in the local area
  • Visiting Chesham woods, naming types of trees
  • Naming parts of a plant/tree
  • Understanding why plants are important


  • Knowing own address
  • Finding own address/school on a map
  • Identifying places in the locality
  • Planning a route, mapping
  • Likes/dislikes in the area   

Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

  • Caring for our local environment
  • Recognising what we are good at
  • Knowing that we learn in different ways
  • Setting goals

Religious Education (RE)

  • Studying the Jewish and Christian faiths
  • The Story of Creation
  • The Story of Moses and its importance to Jews
  • The story of Purim 


  • Games – Developing ball skills including throwing and catching and simple competitive games
  • Gymnastics – Exploring ways to move on the floor and using apparatus. Developing rolling techniques.


  • Observational drawings of plants in the environment
  • Studying the work of Georgia O’Keefe
  • Developing painting techniques


  • Using 2animate to make a moving picture
  • Using text and multimedia


  • Singing songs Linked to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’
  • Exploring rhythm, beat, tempo and volume
  • Playing instruments to accompany songs


  • Counting on and back in ones, two, threes, fives and tens from different starting numbers
  • Understanding the value of a digit e.g. in 14 the 1 has a value of 10
  • Addition strategies e.g counting on from the biggest number(Y1), adding tens then ones (Y2)
  • Subtraction – finding the difference by counting on (Y1) subtracting tens then ones (Y2)
  • Understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction
  • Solving missing number problems
  • Solving multiplication and division problems
  • Telling the time to the quarter hour(Y1) 5 minute interval (Y2)
  • Measuring – reading a scale
  • Recognising all coins, totalling coins (Y1) giving change (Y2)
  • Finding ½ and ¼ of a number of objects (y1) finding ¾ 1/3 2/3 of a shape or number (Y2)
  • Describing turns – ¼ ½ ¾ turns clockwise and anticlockwise, right angle turns (Y2)
  • Identifying vertical symmetry


  • Reading ‘recounts’ and identifying features
  • Writing recounts of our holidays, class trip and events in school.
  • Studying the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’
  • Inferring meaning when reading; answering questions about what we read.
  • Phonics- different ways of representing vowel sounds
  • Handwriting – forming all letters correctly including capital letters(Y1). Joining letters (Y2)
  • Grammar & Punctuation –Using the past tense correctly. Spelling words ending with ing, er and est. Exploring time connectives used in stories and recounts. Using conjunctions ‘and’ ‘so’ ‘but’ ‘because’ ‘if’ and ‘that’ to extend sentences. Identifying and using adverbs.

Dates for your diary for the remainder of this term;-

Tuesday 10th July: Reports home to parents.

Monday - Wednesday 16th - 18th July: Parent's Evenings.

Tuesday 17th July: Class move up day.

Friday 20th July: Leavers' Assembly, 9.15am; End of term, 2.30pm.


I hope you find this information useful, please come and speak to me if you need any help or further advice. 

Mrs Percival

Below - our terrific artwork in the style of Tanzanian artist Edward Tinga Tinga (1932-1972)


Below our fantastic hall display of artwork inspired by American artist Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986)

Below - more of our 'Flowers' in the corridor!



Below - a few photos of our displays from the Spring Term 





       Image result for green leaf Image result for green leaf Image result for green leaf Image result for green leaf Image result for green leaf