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                               Above  - our School Councillors

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Class teacher: Mrs. Percival

Teaching assistants: Mrs Kelsall, Mrs Biddle

PE: Wednesday and Thursday afternoon


Class 2 Curriculum Summary Spring 2 2018

This term our main topic will be ‘Hot Places’. The children will be studying Africa, finding out about its geographical features and the animals that live there; the children are very excited about our trip to Blackpool Zoo!


  • Identifying the range of animals that live in Africa
  • Grouping animals
  • Identifying mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles
  • Sorting African animals into herbivores and carnivores


  • Locating Africa on the globe/maps
  • Identifying physical and human features
  • Comparing an African town with Bury

Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

  • Recognising bullying
  • Identifying how someone who is being bullied feels
  • Knowing who you can talk to if you are unhappy

Religious Education (RE)

  • Sunday as a special day for Christians
  • How Christians worship
  • The Easter story and its significance for Christians



  • Gymnastics – exploring ways of travelling, using different body shapes
  • Dance – African Dance


  • Studying the work Edward Tinga Tinga
  • Creating pictures in the style of ‘Tinga Tinga’
  • Designing and making a puppet of an African animal.


  • Using 2go to program simple directions
  • Using text and multimedia to write postcards


  • Singing simple songs from memory
  • Exploring dynamics and tempo
  • Playing instruments to the beat and rhythm


  • Counting on and back in ones, two, threes, fives and tens, completing number sequences
  • Estimating numbers on a number line
  • Learning number bonds and using facts to solve missing number problems
  • Solving multiplication and division problems using pictures and objects
  • Understanding units of time – seconds, minutes, hours, days, months
  • Identifying the standard units used to measure length, mass and capacity
  • Describing 3D shapes using ‘vertices’ ‘edges’ ‘faces’
  • Describing turns – ¼ ½ ¾, right angle turns, clockwise and anticlockwise


  • Reading and writing stories with patterned language related to our topic
  • Discussing stories read, completing comprehension style questions (Year 2)
  • Writing speech bubbles, post – cards, descriptions and riddles linked to stories read.
  • Phonics- different ways of representing vowel sounds e.g. ‘ai’ ‘ay’ ‘a-e’ ‘ae’ (Year 1)
  • Handwriting – forming all letters correctly, letters which hang under the line, forming numerals , joining letters (Year2)
  • Grammar & Punctuation – Using full stops, capital letters, question marks and exclamation marks.
  • Use of adjectives to describe.
  • Using apostrophes for belonging e.g. The dog’s bone and commas in lists (Year 2)


I hope you find this information useful, please come and speak to me if you need any help or further advice.

Thanking you for your support

Mrs Percival



Below - our terrific 'Mythical Beasts' hall display

Below - more of our Mythical Beasts outside our classroom!


Below - A few photos from last term starting with a lunchtime visitor outside our classroom!

Below - our fantastic 'Rainy Days' hall display (photo taken by Daisy, Class 9)

Below - our terrific classroom display of photographs & artwork in the style of Andy Warhol


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