Summer Term 2017


Above - our School Councillors - Lily & Mohammed

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Dear Parent/Guardian

Welcome to the start of a new term.

P.E. & Games

PE lessons (indoor) in class 5 will be on a Monday afternoon. Games lessons (outside) will normally be onFriday afternoon. 

For PE lessons the children need a plain white t-shirt and black shorts. Bare feet are fine for PE although black pumps are preferred to avoid any injury.  (If we go outside they can wear either kit.)

An outdoor kit is required for Games lessons, which should include a warm pair of joggers or a track suit, T shirt, jumper plus trainers. To avoid your child missing Games, it is advisable that they keep their kit in their locker during the week.

Could you please ensure that your child’s kit is named as there are often unclaimed items in the class room.

In P.E  We are doing athletics activities and OAA (Outdoor And Adventurous).  These are performed outside but if the weather is bad we will still be able to use the hall.

In Games We are carrying out lots of different sports using the field.  We are covering Rounders, Cricket and Tennis.  we are very lucky to be able to use the tennis courts next to school.


Your child will continue to bring home a reading book and reading record every day to share with you. We will ensure that your child is heard read at least once a week by a teacher or a teaching assistant. As part of their homework children are asked to read each evening to an adult (House points will be awarded). In order to help us monitor your child’s reading progress could you please continue to write a comment in their reading logbook.

Reading is not only about the completion of books and moving through the scheme, but also about your child's understanding. Please do not read a book a night with your child, read no more than 15 pages at any one time.  After this discuss the text/story with your child.  This will help them to think about what they have read and will also show you that they have understood the content.  This is vital to enhance your child's reading ability.


Year 3 & 4 children are asked to do a small amount of homework each week. This will consist of:-

* Reading every night with an adult
* Learning weekly spellings following a given list and pattern
* Learning their times tables starting with the 2,3,4,5 and 10 x. Then progressing onto 6,7,8, 9, 11 and 12x. The children need        to be able to chant the times tables in order but also answer random questions based on their knowledge.
* Occasionally reinforcement work may be sent home for completion.


In Literacy we will be writing poems, report writing, explanation writing and creative writing.  As well as this we are constantly carrying out comprehension activities, ensuring that the children are understanding what they read.  We are still guided reading and hearing the children read individually as much as possible.  The children are also still carrying on with SPAG,  This is recapping over all the grammar we have carried out over the year and ensuring that the children can apply it accurately in their writing.

In Maths we will be recapping constantly over the previous topics.  This is done every morning in morning maths.  As well as this we are going to be covering fractions, angles, co-ordinates, translation of shapes, time, volume and capacity, weight, measures and statistics.  The children are always striving to reach their full potential in every topic we cover. 

Please keep up with learning times tables at home. If your child knows their times tables they will find all aspects of maths easier.  Times tables are crucial for fractions, division and problem solving work.

In Science we will be covering states of matter.  In this topic the children are grouping objects into 3 different states, solids, liquids and gases.  The will carry out investigations discovering if states can be altered and reversed back again. 

In History we  have just finished the topic all about Ancient Greeks.  The children loved carrying out independent researching finding out about religion, clothing, houses, location of Greece on maps and building chariots.  Whilst building the chariots the children also used their design and technology skills, they had to deign their model, build it using recycled materials and then test if it worked.   They all looked amazing.  To top this topic off the children used their previously learnt knowledge about simple working circuits (learnt in science).  The children inserted a complete working circuit (with a switch) onto the model.  Hope you enjoyed the end results when the came home.

In Art we are looking at the artist Paul Klee, sketching skills, colour mixing, landscape drawing and warm and cold colours.

In I.C.T the children are doing computer programming.  The children will be using Ipads and Beebots.  They will have to input clear instructions ensuring the object moves accurately around a maze.  We are even going to try Scratch! 


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Graham.


You may find the following websites useful in supporting your child's learning:





Below - Wednesday 7th June - Ruby & Hassan with their fantastic model Greek chariots!

Below - Friday 19th May - Lily together with Emily (Class 6) , Dylan (Class 4) & Haaris (Class 6) - runners-up in the tennis tournament held at Holcombe Brook Tennis Club!


Below - our fantastic 'Harry Potter' corridor display

                  Below - a few photos from last term, starting with 2 views of our magical 'Harry Potter' classroom display                        (Photos by Nabihah, Class 9)