Above - Class 7 2017-2018! 


Above - Mohammed & Seren - our representatives on the School Council

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     Welcome to the 2017 Autumn Term!  

Important Days:-        

Thursday - P.E. Please ensure your child has the correct kit. In fine weather we may go outside for this session, so trainers are                                 advisable too. 

Friday - Games Please ensure your child has the correct kit along with suitable trainers.

              Homework - Friday is the day homework will be set related to classwork from the week or a longer project related to                                                 the cross-curricular topic. Spellings will also be given and checked on a weekly basis.

Cross-Curricular Topic -  'H2O - Friend or Foe?'

Numeracy -   

Place Value

Multiply/Divide by 10/100/100 whole and decimal numbers

Rounding to nearest 10/100/1000/10,000

Identifying/Practicing efficient strategies to mentally use all 4 operations

Identifying/Practicing written efficient strategies to use all 4 operations

Relationship between decimal/fraction/ percentage

Literacy -

This Morning I Met a Whale” by Michael Morpurgo


Diary/Writing in the role of a character from our class book

Letter Writing

Persuasive Writing

Non-chronological report







'Properties of Everyday Materials'

Explore/Compare the properties of a broad range of materials.

Classify materials based on evidence (hardness, solubility, conductivity, electrical, thermal)

Understand solution and how to reverse the process.

Use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to separate mixtures.

Experiment with reversible/ irreversible changes.

Image result for snowman clipart                       Image result for glass clipart                       Image result for cloud clipart

Geography -


Identify/Develop Knowledge/ Understand features of a river.

Processes of a river.

Effect of processes of a river on landscape/humans

Identify/Develop knowledge of rivers in U.K and world.

Importance of rivers related to the Water Cycle and the environment.

River Safety

Map skills/identifying water sources.

Image result for rivers clipart                  Image result for rivers clipart          Image result for rivers clipart          Image result for rivers clipart                   Image result for rivers clipart


Develop speed, accuracy when typing

Experiment/Develop/Practice skills related to fonts/sizes/colours.

Develop/Practice text/image/sound skills

To develop PowerPoints.

Select/Identify images to import into Powerpoints.

Use hyperlinks within Powerpoints.

                        Image result for powerpoint        Image result for word logo                               



Developing sketching skills

Experimentation of colour mixing

Developing skill in using water-colour paints.

               Image result for colour clipart          Image result for colour clipart          Image result for colour clipart          Image result for colour clipart          Image result for colour clipart

Games -

Develop/Practice/ refine ability to balance on patches and points.

Develop/Practice/ refine ability to balance on apparatus

Explore/Develop/Practice/Refine sequences.

Relate work to rivers and its features.

Explore/Develop/ Practice/refine skills within football/hockey

                        Related image                           Image result for gymnastics animated gif

Music -   Mrs Gorton will teach music to class 7.        

Dates for your diary for this term:- 

Tuesday 12th December: Pantomime trip to see 'Sleeping Beauty' at Middleton Arena.

Wednesday 13th December: KS2 Production, 9.15am; Christmas Dinner.

Thursday 14th December: KS2 Production, 2pm.

Tuesday 19th December: Classes 7, 8 & 9 party!

Wednesday 22nd December: End of term, 2.30pm. 

Below - our brilliant 'Letters From A Bottlenose Whale' classroom display of creative writing using our I.T. skills;-                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Below - our fantastic hall display of artwork & origami inspired by Claude Monet's 'The Water-Lily Pond';-


Below - our terrific classroom display of 'Rivers' poetry & artwork inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai's 'The Great Wave Off Kanagawa' (photo by Sabia)more of our fantastic artwork in the corridor!;-


Image result for hokusai wave <<<'The Great Wave Off Kanagawa' by Katsushika Hokusai 葛飾 北斎 (1760-1849)

Below - Wednesday 4th October - using the laptops to create a cartoon strip all about 'The Water Cycle';-



Below - Wednesday 20th September - Science: recording results of our latest experiment in preparation for drawing conclusions from our observations of how far balls of differing size, weight & material rolled down a fixed slope;-


Below - Wednesday 13th September - Science: excellent, co-operative small group work investigating a variety of materials to determine which surfaces would cause a marble rolled down a slope to travel the shortest & longest distances - involved making predictions, observations, measuring, recording & drawing conclusions from results;-