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           It's the Spring Term!          

The Mountain of the Dragon!                                                                                                                                                                            Image result for dragon cartoon                               Image result for mountain clipart                             Image result for green dragon clipart    Welcome back to another busy curriculum rich term, which is packed with learning opportunities    to stimulate any enquiring mind!

The children will start the term with a short study on flashback stories, studying a poignant extract and then a short film called 'The Piano'. They will be given the opportunity to write their own flashback stories using music as a stimulus.

We will then move on to the Realm of the Dragon, which serves as a good revision aid to our SATs in literacy. The children will study a rich abundance of resources and use them to have many different writing experiences such as:

  • Writing a quest for the last dragon
  • Dragon advertisements
  • Top trump dragon cards
  • Dragon birth poetry
  • Descriptive writing on the last dragon
  • Report writing on the Komodo dragon
  • Newspaper writing on Hiccup’s initiation test disaster

Our key focus this term will be on the reinforcement of all grammar and punctuation objectives ensuring a thorough grounding in these for SATs and the future.

  • Use of figurative language- simile, metaphor, assonance and alliteration.
  • Relative clauses
  • Use of active and passive tense
  • Use of subjunctive forms
  • Use of the semi-colon, colon and dash to mark boundary between independent clauses.
  • Use of synonyms and antonyms
  • Correctly punctuate using commas appropriately.

Along with many literacy extracts, we will be enjoying our class book, “How to Train Your Dragon” by Cressida Cowell- an extra copies at home would be most appreciated! Guided reading will use this, and other reading sources in class, but please encourage your child to read their home reader and please sign their log. If you visit the library, it would be most useful to loan books on dragons or mountains (our Geography topic) to enrich learning further.


Reading comprehension skills will include:

  • Exploring the meaning of words in contextcreate your own book 
  • Asking questions to improve their understanding
  • Drawing inferences such as characters’ feelings thoughts and motives from their actions and justifying with evidence
  • Predicting what might have happened from details stated and implied
  • Summarising the main ideas
  • Provide reasoned justifications for their views

Speaking and listening skills:

Many opportunities will be provided to speak and listen in class, group or paired activities. Emphasis will be placed on use of appropriate vocabulary in formal and informal speaking situations and clarity of speaking.

Activities will include:

  • Socratic circle activities to discuss and listen to the ideas and opinions of others on texts.
  • Dragons den presentations
  • Hot seating of characters and other drama activities

Maths skills

We will be reinforcing a lot of the key objectives and revising ready for the SATS tests.

Number and place value

  • Use negative numbers in context and solve multi-step problems
  • Use knowledge of the order of operations-BODMAS
  • Add and subtract mentally and using formal written methods             Maths Equipment - Calculators
  • Solve problems                                                                                               

Multiplication and division

  • Multiplying using varied methods- HTUXTU
  • Multiplying decimals using varied methods
  • Dividing HTU by TU using a range of mental and varied methods
  • Dividing decimals using varied methods

Number Fractions

  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Dividing and multiplying fractions
  • Fraction problems


  • Simple formulae
  • Formulae and number sequences
  • Building formulae
  • Solving problems with unknowns and variables


  • Drawing 2D shapes
  • Reasoning about shapes and angles
  • Vertically opposite angles

Measurement (mass)

  • Convert between grams and kilograms, kilograms and tonnes to 3 decimal places
  • Use conversions to solve problems

Measurement ( perimeter and area)

  • Calculate area of shapes
  • Calculate area of a triangle
  • Calculate area of a parallelogram

Ratio and proportion

  • Recognise and solve proportion problems
  • Use ratio to solve problems
  • Solve scale factor problems


  • Interpret and draw pie charts
  • Construct and use line graphs to solve problems
  • Collect and organise data to solve problems
  • Calculate and interpret the mean of a set of data

In Science, we will be studying evolution and inheritance looking at how living things have changed over time how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment.

Image result for evolution                                   

In Geography, we will be studying what a Mountain is and how they are formed moving on to look at volcanoes and earthquakes later on in the term.

Image result for mountain cartoon                    Image result for earthquake animated gif                  Related image

We will study Buddhism through our religion looking at the celebration of Chinese New Year and the dragon link. 

Dharma Wheel.svg                                               Image result for year dog                

Dragon art will also be done with Fimo dragons and the anticipated homework project of designing their own dragon land!! We will also look at the works of  an inspired artist on volcanoes and produce our own version.


In Games, we will study lacrosse and hockey – striking/fielding and game skills, whilst in PE we will be focusing on gymnastics skills.

Lacrosse stick clip art clipart glue stickglue stick glue                                

In ICT we will be learning to control and produce short computer programmes using scratch to write commands of movement, and music to produce short animation.

Image result for scratch

In PSHE we will be discussing bullying and its impact and look at strategies to ensure that this does not take place.

Homework will be given on a weekly basis, unless it is a longer project.  Spellings will be given out and tested on a Friday as usual.

                As always my door is open, if you wish to discuss any concerns or just fancy a chat on progress.

                                                Yours Sincerely – Mrs Greenhalgh

Below - our terrific 'Here be Dragons' hall display (photo taken by Daisy)

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Below - we hope you enjoy this slideshow of our amazing 'Anne Frank' diaries!