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The Governing Body


Governors have a wide range of duties relating to the aims, policies and conduct of the school, improvement of standards, finance, staff appointments and links between the local community and school.


They meet once a term as a whole Governing Body and have further termly meetings through various sub-committees. The autumn term meeting of the governing body took place on Wednesday October 10th 2018. Each governor is linked to a particular area of responsibility linked to their specific skill set.


From September 1st 2015 we had a newly re-constituted governing body; details of which are set out below.


The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff members, co-opted representatives as well as an appointed member of the Local Authority. An important role of each Governor is to put forward the views of those they represent. Please contact any governor if you wish them to put your views forward or you have any other school issue you would like them to take up on your behalf.


Each governor has a term of office lasting for four years, after which they may seek re-election. However, posts are open for others to apply also. 


If you wish to contact our governors please use the following email address:


In between school newsletters, a governor newsletter will appear on the school website:




Follow this updated link for a 2017 Governor's perspective of their role in school.

Issue 1 October. Follow this link 

Issue 2 December. Follow this link.

This month's newsletter looks at our SEN provision and the role of the SEN governor.

Issue 3 February - Internet Safety and packed lunches - follow this link

Issue 4 March - Further advice to parents via this link

issue 5 May - Establishing governor/parent links via this link

Issue 6 - End of term news and changes to the governing body; follow this link




Issue 1 - Governors October newsletter follow this link


The following link will take you through to penpics/biographies of our governors. Biographies


Name Appointed by Type Role


Date Appointed/ End of term of office

Pecuniary Interests

Mrs. Elaine McElroy Staff Staffing   04/01/16 - 03/01/20 No
Mr. Paul Taylor Parent 20/07/18 - 19/07/22 No
Ms Helen Binns Governing body Co-opted Community &Parental  04/10/16 - 03/10/20 No
Ms Paula Lock Governing body Parent   01/04/17 - 31/03/21 No
Vacancy Governing body


Ms Kelly Halligan Governing body Co-opted     01/07/15 - 30/06/19 No
Mr. Peter Hudson Governing body Head teacher 01/01/99 - No
Mrs. Alyson Malach Governing body





Safeguarding, Child Protection 07/12/14 - 06/12/18 No
Ms Tahseen Rizvi Governing body Parent  Vice Chair   01/12/16 - 30/11/20 No
Mr Tom Pilkington Governing body Co-opted No
 Mr. Tony Holt Governing body Co-opted      24/07/15 - 14/10/19 No
Mrs. Michelle Popovici Governing body Parent No
Cllr Sandra Walmsley Local Authority LA   23/07/15 - 31/08/19 No
Mrs. Kathryn Durham Governing body Parent   22/01/16 - 21/01/20 No



Parent Governors


We have 5 Parent Governors; 3 currently in place-

Mrs. Durham has a son Jotham in Class 7 and a son Finley in Class 1.

Ms Rizvi has a daughter Aleena in Class 7 and a son Zayn in Class 3.

Ms Lock has a daughter Jessica in Class 8.

Mrs. Popovici has two daughters, Eva in Class 7 and Mia in Class 5 and a son, Luca, in Class 1.

Mr. Taylor has a daughter in Foundation Stage. 


Name 10.10.18
Elaine McElroy Attended
Paul Taylor Attended
Helen Binns Attended
Paula Lock Attended
Michelle Popovici Attended
Kelly Halligan Attended
Peter Hudson Attended
Alyson Malach Attended
Tahseen Rizvi Attended
Kathryn Durham Attended
Tony Holt Apologies
Tom Pilkington Attended
Sandra Walmsley Apologies