Parentview is the online vehicle for parents to express their views about school. is the website address; simply choose our school and answer the 12 questions as honestly as you can.

Did you know?  Strachans  Chemist on Walmersley Road near to co-op does care at the chemist which means that if you go with your child and they find evidence of head lice they will give you the treatment free of charge.

Latest Internet safety concerns are around two Lip sync apps: and where contacts are shared and real time conversations take place.

Always be aware of which sites your children are using and who they are talking to!

Parental controls are an important way to keep children safe online and below and attached I have included some information about internet safety and step by step guidance to support you in putting this in place on all your devices.

Parental controls can be used to block upsetting or harmful content, control in-app purchases or manage how long your child spends online.

Parental controls are really easy to set up but if you are struggling the NSPCC have provided a free phone number and an advisor will talk you through the steps. 0808 800 5002

Useful websites:




During each school year three parents’ evenings are arranged so that parents can visit the school to discuss their child’s progress in school with the teachers.  Parents may also visit school at other times but it is requested that they first telephone or write to make an appointment.


Parents’ offers of help in school are invaluable.  Any offer of help is very useful in providing children of all age groups with extra assistance.  Early in each year a list of volunteers is made and helpers are invited into school.  Occasionally we may also ask for volunteer parents to accompany us on trips.


These will be sent home once a year, prior to the summer parents evening.


We are always willing to meet with parents.  Please contact school and make an appointment if there is anything at all that you wish to discuss.

The summary outcomes to our last parental questionnaire are available by following the 'Survey' link below. 



Can I remind all parents and visitors to this site that any photos published on our school website must not be copied or reproduced in any way without the express permission of the school and all those in the photo.

In particular: Please do not copy and post pictures on any social networking site such as Facebook.

Please follow the following link to find out more about the Government's initiative to reduce the amount of absence through term-time holidays.

All parents should have received the attached letter regarding school's policy with regards to any future request for term time absence due to a holiday.

The following link explains, in detail, what constitutes extenuating circumstances when term time absence may be granted.

Updated advice from the school and governing body is available via this link.

Adult Learning is thriving in Bury and Bury Council remains committed to providing a wide range of educational opportunities: "There is something for almost everyone" at your local centre.


Dear Schools,

Once again we are issuing some general advice to schools on how to address the persistent problem of parents parking irresponsibly and illegally near to schools. We are aware that many, if not all of you, will send information to parents through newsletters, text messages and quite often you may even be about outside your school on parking patrol.

I have attached the old school parking charter for schools to use and adapt as you see fit as well as an old template parking letter which you can amend and send out. You may also want to cut and paste some of the information contained within this e-mail into another format, which can be sent to parents. The only thing to mention is that we won’t be running the old banner scheme that we ran last year, so please disregard the information relating to that project in the parking charter.

Not all parents park illegally or irresponsibly and we do receive complaints as to why there can’t be more regular parking enforcement or parking restrictions placed outside schools.

Schools ultimately want more enforcement rather than anything else, but it is unrealistic to expect that parking enforcement can take place on a consistent basis outside every school, as there are not enough resources. Those people that park dangerously are fully aware that enforcement is only likely to occur over a one day period and then things will return to normal for a long time, before any enforcement returns. Enforcement is an option which the Police or Bury Council Services can assist with, but not on a regular basis. Every school is already on the priority list with our Parking Services Team and you can contact your local Policing Team to discuss Police enforcement.

Not all school locations are suitable for additional parking restrictions due to the nature of the road, the potential of transferring the problem to busier, more dangerous roads and ensuring restrictions don’t adversely affect residents that live near to school. For schools that wish to find out whether it would be possible to install additional parking restrictions you can contact our Traffic Team on the e-mail below:

I have attached a letter, which you can amend and forward onto parents if the school feel that would be appropriate, but in general the main points for parents to consider are:-

It is vital that parents should be aware that the safety in the immediate environment outside of school can be improved with their cooperation. It doesn’t matter what parking initiative is proposed, the only thing that can improve the situation outside schools on a consistent basis, is if some parents are more considerate and responsible. Everything depends on their compliance with the rules.

Please do not park on the pavement as this can limit space for those pushing prams and any people with mobility problems including those that may be wheelchair users and those that walk with the assistance of a frame.

Parents should also be mindful of not:-

  • Parking too close to junctions therefore restricting sight lines.
  • Stopping and parking on the ‘school keep clear markings’ (yellow zig-zag lines) is illegal.
  • Double parking; this can restrict access for emergency vehicles.
  • Blocking access to and from resident’s driveways.
  • Parking on pavements blocking access for pedestrians (especially those with disabilities). 

-    Parents/guardians should not park too close to pedestrian crossings as this can reduce sight lines for other drivers and pedestrians. 

Rule 191 Highway Code – You must not park on a crossing or in the area marked by the zig-zag lines. You must not overtake the moving vehicle nearest the crossing or the vehicle nearest the crossing which has stopped to give way to pedestrians."

-    Parents/guardians should not park too close to junctions, as this can reduce sight lines for other road users, reduce the space to complete manoeuvres and therefore increase the chance of an incident occurring.

"Rule 243 Highway Code – Do not stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space.”