SUMMER TERM 2021              Welcome back again Chirpy Cherubs! 

Hello again Class 4 Cherubs and all grown-ups!

This is our last term together so I hope you are looking forward to an exciting, enjoyable and enlightening time!

We will be continuing with our work on 'Resplendent Rainforests' and will begin exploring the wonders of 'Awesome Ancient Egypt'.

Here are some of the learning journeys we will explore together!


  • Spelling and times tables homework will be sent every week and both must be carefully practiced ready for weekly tests.
  • Reading must take place, with an adult, every day/evening to ensure progress. An adult should record pages read and provide a note about the reading activity. 
  • PE and Games will require a kit in school AT ALL TIMES, please


ENGLISH - in addition to our daily reading and writing activities, including Word of the Day, Handwriting and Grammar Hammer activities

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry

To retrieve information from non-fiction

To design a ‘great tree’ setting 

To explore the structure of dilemma stories

To punctuate direct speech correctly

To use a range of speech verbs

To use adverbs in dialogue

To use a dictionary to find definitions

To prepare a group performance

To edit and evaluate our writing

To use a thesaurus

To make choices about the presentation of our stories

    American author Lynne Cherry (b.1952)       American author Shirley Climo (1928-2012)

Egyptian Cinderella by Shirley Climo

To compare different versions of traditional stories

To predict what might happen in a story

To use a thesaurus to improve writing

To infer how a character feels

To use feeling words

To identify how verbs can create an action section

To take part in a class debate

To make a story plan

To write own narratives

To edit own writing

To make decisions about how to present writing



To make equal parts

To recognize quarters, thirds and halves

To find quarters, thirds and halves

To learn about unit and non-unit fractions

To discover the equivalence of a half and two quarters

To find three quarters

To count in fractions and problem-solve with fractions


To tell the time to the hour and half-hour

To learn about o’clock

To learn about half past, quarter to and quarter past

To tell the time to 5 minutes

To write time

To learn about hours and days

To find durations of time and compare durations of time


To understand properties of shape

To recognize 2-D and 3-D shapes

To make 2-D and 3-D shapes

To count sides and vertices on 2-D shapes

To learn about lines of symmetry

To sort and make patterns with 2-D shapes

To count faces, edges and vertices on 3-D shapes

To make patterns with 3-D shapes


Position and Direction

To describe position and direction

To problem solve with position

To describe movement and turns

Mass, Capacity and Temperature

To introduce weight and mass

To measure and compare mass

To measure mass in grams and kilograms

To introduce capacity and volume

To measure capacity and compare volume in millilitres and litres

Length and Height

To measure length in centimetres and metres

To compare and order lengths

To problem solve with lengths




To identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers

To explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant

To investigate the way in which water is transported within plants

To explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal.



To recognise that we need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light

To notice that light is reflected from surfaces

To recognise that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect our eyes

To recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object

To find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.



Our Jigsaw topic will be on 'Relationships' with work being covered on:

The importance of taking care of our mental health and others around us

To understand loss and strategies to deal with this

To take responsibility for our safety and well-being online



We will look back at Ramadan –

The month of Ramadan (the ninth month in the Islamic calendar) which has special religious significance.

We will consider what is Judaism -

It is time to find out something about what is important to many Jewish people.


We will also:

  • Explore The Sikh Festival of Vaisakhi
  • Learn about Hinduism – the celebration of God in the form of the Goddess, Durga
  • Ask – what is Buddhism?
  • And find out about gods worshipped in Ancient Egypt too!



We will have fun completing our rainforest creations developing skills in drawing, weaving, collage and sewing.

And we’ll begin work on Ancient Egyptian creations including 2D and 3D techniques and skills, further drawing, painting and printing.

We will also learn about Great Artists and Architects through time.


Design Technology

We will understand and use mechanical systems such as gears, pullies, cams, levers and linkages. 



We will develop our existing knowledge about the world using maps and atlases, concentrating on environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries and major cities.



We will study the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians.



We will play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts using voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy.


Physical Education

We will continue with regular running of the Chesham Mile and weekly Dance and Tennis Lessons in the open air as often as possible.


ICT will be taught within the classroom in accordance with National Curriculum and safety rules and French is delivered weekly by Madame Binns.


So here’s to a sensational summer in Class 4!!

Key dates for the remainder of the Summer Term;-

Friday 23rd July End of term - school closes for the Summer Holiday, 2.30pm.

 Thank you from,

                                Mrs Farey, Mrs Barker, Mme Binns and all the adults working in Class 4!