Above - Class 7 2019-2020!     


   Above - our representatives on the School Council

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    Welcome to the 2019 Autumn Term!

Important Days:-        

Important News Autumn Term 1 - P.E. will be on a Wednesday AM with Mrs Townsend specialising in Gymnastics -                                          Balance and Counterbalance.


Monday - P.E. Please ensure your child has the correct kit. In fine weather we may go outside for this session, so trainers are                                 advisable too.


Friday - Games - Please ensure your child has the correct kit along with suitable trainers. Autumn Term will be football, hockey                                   and netball/basket ball.


              Homework - Friday is the day homework will be set related to classwork from the week or a longer project related to                                            the cross-curricular topic.This homework needs to handed in the following Thursday unless a longer                                                project. Spellings will also be given on a Friday and checked on a Friday, on a weekly basis.

Cross-Curricular Topic -  H2O (Water) Friend or Foe?


Literacy - "This Morning I met a Whale" by Michael Morpurgo.

                   Diary Writing

                   Letter Writing

                   Persuasive Writing

                   Non-chronological report

                   Newspaper report

                   Reciting poems




                       Michael Morpurgo (b.1943)          

Numeracy -


                     Place Value up to 6 digits

                     Multiply/Divide by 10/100/1000/10,000 whole numbers and decimals.

                     Rounding to the nearest 10/100/1000/10,000

                     Identifying/Practicing/Refining efficient strategies to mentally use all 4 operations.

                     Identifying/Practicing/Refining written efficient strategies within all 4 operations.

                     Relationships between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Science - Properties of Everyday Materials

                 Explore and compare the properties of a broad range of materials.

                 Classify materials based on properties and investigation.

                 Understand solution and how to reverse it.

                 Use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to separate mixtures,

                 Experiment with reversible and irreversible change.


Geography -  Rivers

                       Identify/Develop knowledge/ Understand features of a river.

                       Processes of a river.

                       Effect of processes of a river on landscape/ humans,

                       Identify/Develop knowledge of rivers in the U.K. and the world.

                       Importance of rivers related to the water cycle and the environment.

                       River safety.

                       Map skills/Identifying water sources and human/ physical features.


I.T. - Text and PowerPoints

        Develop speed and accuracy when typing,

        Experiment/Develop/Practice skills related to fonts/sizes/colours.

        Develop/Practice text/images/ sound skills.

        Select/ Import images into documents and PowerPoints.

        Create a PowerPoint.

        Create hyperlinks within PowerPoints.        


Art - Developing sketching skills. 

        Experimentation of colour mixing.

        Developing the skills of painting with watercolours. 


P.H.S.E. - New Beginnings 


                 Understanding your feelings

                 Understanding the feelings of others

                 Social skills 

                 Making positive choice


Music -   Miss Newton will teach music to Class 7.      

Here are some dates for your diary for the 1st half of the Autumn Term;-

Friday 20th September - World Peace Day.

Friday 27th September - Macmillan Coffee Morning; school councillors to be elected.

Monday 30th September - Individual & family photographs in school.

October - Black History Month.

Thursday 17th October - Harvest Festival, 9.15am - parents welcome.  School closes for the half-term holiday.