STAY SAFE!                        STAY WELL!


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    Welcome to the Summer Term!


Good morning Class 7,

Well, it is the start of another week. I hope you are all well and keeping busy. I rang a few of your parents last week and you all seem to be doing different bits of school work. That is good to hear. Remember to go on Purple Mash, I set 2dos on a Monday morning and check them everyday. It just means I can see what you are up to and leave you a comment. There was a new Y5 work pack to collect last week from school, I hope you have collected it.
Don't worry about doing everything, the most important thing at this time is to stay happy and positive.

Thank you to all the parents who forwarded their email to me so I could set Seesaw  accounts up. It is amazing seeing the videos and pictures so a big THANK YOU.

Please also use the links below to expand your learning further.

Below are the topics we will be covering in the Summer term and I will try to link the home learning to these where I can.

Take care, keep busy and be kind to others.

Miss Styles. 11.05.20

Important Days:-        

Monday - P.E. Please ensure your child has the correct kit. In fine weather we may go outside for this session, so trainers are                            advisable too.

KEEP FIT!                                             

Friday - Games - Please ensure your child has the correct kit along with suitable trainers. We are extremely lucky this half                                 term, we will be having a tennis coach to teach our lessons.

              Homework - will be set related to classwork from the week or a longer project related to the cross-curricular topic.This                                          homework needs to handed in the following Thursday unless a longer project.                                                              Spellings will also be given on a Friday and checked on a Friday, on a weekly basis.

Cross-Curricular Topic -  

Literacy - 'Far From Home' by Berlie Doherty.

      Author Berlie Doherty (born Liverpool, 1943)

Numeracy - Problem solving in the 4 operations 





Science - Living things and their habitats/Characteristics/Adaptation of animals and humans.


Geography -  Map Skills - Reading maps/using 4/6 figure grid referencing

                                               Interpreting symbols

                                               Creating maps

                                               Time zones and latitude/longitude


History - Exploring  the Life of Children in Victorian Mills


I.T. - E-Communications - we are doing it via

        Purple Mash/Seesaw :-)


Art - Mini-beast/creature inspired art by artists,

        Henri Rousseau/Matisse

        Junk modelling of a mini-beast  

           Henri Rousseau (1844-1910)              Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

P.H.S.E. - Be Kind and make people feel special  


Music -   Miss Newton will teach music to Class 7.    

Upcoming events



Maths Links

BBC Maths Revision KS2

Maths Games

Fast Facts Number Game

Mental Maths Games

Place Value Games

Times Table Games

Shape Position and Movement games

Measure Games

Statistics Games

Problem Solving

Number Games (Y6)

Algebra Games and Puzzles


Shape Position and Movement (Y6)

English Links

Y5/6 Spelling Revision

ance, -ancy, -ant spellings

ent, ence and ency spelling

Spelling Rules For Adding Suffixes

BBC KS2 Prefix and Suffix help


Homophones - There, Their and They're

able / ably spellings

ible / ibly spellings

cial, tial, cious & tious suffix rules

cial, tial, cious & tious activity

Spelling and Grammar Games

Grammar Games

Grammasaurus Videos to support learning

BBC Grammar Games KS2

BBC Grammar Support

Reading Comprehension Support

Understanding Sentences

Figurative Language

Creative Writing Tips

Below - 2 views of our fantastic Spring Term corridor display of artwork inspired by Alfred Noyes' 'The Highwayman'


Below - 2 views of our terrific corridor display from the Autumn term - artwork & written work, inspired by Hokusai's 'Great Wave Off Kanagawa' & Michael Morpurgo's 'This Morning I Met A Whale';-