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     WELCOME BACK!       

Above - Class 9 2019-2020 (with our origami peace cranes for Hiroshima)

      Below - 28th October 2019 - our cranes in Hiroshima


  Below - our representatives on the School Council for the Autumn/early Spring Terms  


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  It's The Summer Term!  

I hope you have all had a lovely half term holiday - the weather has certainly been gorgeous! This week I have set up activities in Seesaw, Purple Mash and Get Epic. The themes in maths are angles, area and perimeter.
In Literacy, I would like you to write a Captain's Log on a time period of your choice. You could do an extract every day and there is a ship story to try also. Both of these activities can be found on Seesaw. On Get Epic there is a good story of a girl on a voyage that I have assigned to you all to read.
In Science, the theme is plant growth and functions of the parts of a plant. There is an experiment to try on Seesaw and lots of activities on Purple Mash on this theme. I have also assigned some books in Get Epic for research, but use the Internet too to research. You can do some sketching in your garden or on your time out exercising to look more closely at plant life!
Most of all keep safe and keep in touch.

Thank you for working hard and keeping in touch with me via Seesaw and Purple Mash. It has been lovely to keep up to date with what you have been up to work or play so please keep that contact.Packs are still at school for all of you, which  are maths and literacy based to keep you busy and I am thrilled that so many of you have picked them up already. I will set activities on a Monday morning for you on Seesaw and Purple Mash, but please do not feel pressured to do them all. Do what you can in these strange times, even a quick message to me is great so that I know how you are doing.

I will post a video on Seesaw each week to make contact with everyone and then I can tell you about my time in Lock down too.

Keep safe my lovely Genies and immense thanks to all you parents for the terrific job you are doing. 

July 15th - It was great to see you again yesterday!  I really enjoyed watching your unique 'Toilet Roll Olympics' and you all seemed to be enjoying yourselves too.  Have a great summer, take care and 'Good Luck' at your new high schools in September!   Mr Wright



Mayan Civilization - looking at who, where and when they lived. We will study:

Everyday life - childhood, food and clothing.

Farming - advantages and disadvantages and the chocolate trade.

Writing - Hieroglyphs and logograms and Mayan codex.

Buildings - features, ceremonies and types of houses for kings and commoners.



Mayan art and culture, designing our own headdresses and drawing murals of everyday life using a range of mediums.

Primary school artwork inspired by Mayan art >>>            


We will be learning about the classification of living things and how Linnaeus devised 5 kingdoms to characterise species. We will find out about these kingdoms and use these to classify features of living things. We will look at micro- organisms and how they can be useful to human beings.

              Swedish botanist, zoologist & physicist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778)


Earthquakes - where do they occur and how are they formed?




Bitesize Lessons


Purple Mash

Get epic

Upcoming Events


Please feel free to come in at any time if you have any concerns regarding your child, my door is always open.

                                   Mrs S. Greenhalgh

Below - 'The Way we Were' - a slideshow of photos from 2014 - 2019 (Class 1 - Class 7)