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Curriculum Summary Summer 1  - 2022

Welcome back!

We hope you had an enjoyable Easter break, and the children are refreshed and ready for another exciting half term in Reception.

Our main topic is ‘Animals Near and Far'. We will be learning about a variety of animals and their young and the environments in which they live. The children are really looking forward to visiting Smithills Farm where they will have the chance to get up close to the farm animals and find out more about how to look after them.

Communication and Language

We will be:

  • Reading, discussing and retelling stories about animals – ‘The Little Red Hen’ ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ ‘What the Ladybird Heard’
  • Using new language from stories read in our role play.
  • learning new vocabulary linked to ‘animals, their young, their environments’
  • Using ‘connectives’ in our sentences to explain ideas
  • Talking about what we have learned and asking questions to find out more



The children will be learning to:

  • Read and discuss a variety of stories and non-fiction texts about animals
  • Become familiar with stories so they can retell and re-enact them during play.
  • Identify story characters, settings and main events. 
  • Use books, computers and digital devices to retrieve information
  • Read books that the children can decode using their developing skills.
  • compose and write simple sentences using a capital letter and full stop
  • reread what they have written to check it makes sense



Daily phonics lessons will focus on learning to:

  • blend and segment words with adjacent consonants e.g. cramp, street, crunch
  • practise blending words containing diagraphs and trigraphs e.g air or ear
  • recognise new ‘key words’ by sight and identify these words in the books we read together.
  • Read sentences by blending sounds
  • Write simple sentences dictated to them using phonic skills and knowledge of key words.


The children will be learning to:

  • Count forwards to and backwards from 20
  • count on and back starting from any number within 20
  • Match numerals to number words
  • find one more and one less than a number
  • represent and order numbers to 10 and beyond
  • identify smaller numbers within a number
  • Quickly recall number bonds e.g number bonds for 4 are 2+2, 1+3, 4+0
  • use inverse operations, if 3 and 4 makes 7, 7 take away 4 equals 3
  • double numbers
  • name and describe 2d and 3d shapes
  • Continue a more complex repeating pattern
  • Compare length and capacity using appropriate vocabulary


Physical Development

We will be learning to:

  • show accuracy and care when drawing
  • Write all numerals correctly
  • Form letters using long downward movements correctly – l i t j u y
  • Revise letters in the ‘c family’ – c o a d g e f s q
  • Use a range of small tools and equipment
  • Combine different movements with ease and fluency


In PE lessons we will be learning to:

  • Explore ways to use our feet to move a ball
  • Control a ball using the feet
  • Develop dribbling skills
  • Kick a ball to hit a target
  • collaborate and work with a partner or in a small group
  • Develop gymnastic skills


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Through circle time and the Jigsaw’ topic  ‘relationships’ we will be focussing on

  • How to make friends
  • Ways to solve problems and stay friends
  • Learning about the impact of unkind words
  • Ways to manage our feelings
  • How to be a good friend


Understanding the world

Through topic lessons and activities we will be:

  • Finding out about different places and habitats where animals live.
  • Observing animals in their environments
  • Recognising environments that are different to the one in which we live
  • Talking about similarities and differences in relation to animals and places
  • Explaining why things occur and how things change
  • Using ICT to research animals
  • Making maps and plans



  • Exploring favourite stories and sharing ideas
  • Talking about religious stories
  • Learning that the bible is the holy book for Christians
  • Reading stories from a children’s bible


Expressive arts and design

The children will be using a variety of media and their own imagination to create:

  • Farms and farm animals
  • bears and wild animals
  • different environments
  • maps and plans
  • ladybirds and minibeasts


The children will be developing their role play skills using stories and animals as a stimulus and will be learning new songs and playing instruments.


Thank you very much for your continued support. If you need any further information or guidance regarding our curriculum please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.

Mrs Percival and the Foundation Stage team.

Key dates for the 1st half of the Summer Term;-

Tuesday 24th May - Platinum Jubilee celebration day.

Friday 27th May - School closes for the half-term holiday. 


Foundation Stage Class Information

 Reception Staff Team

Honeybees Class (HB)       

Bumblebees Class (BB)    


Miss Langston - Monday and Tuesday

Mrs Percival - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Gorton - every day except Tuesday

Mrs Barker - Tuesdays

Teaching assistants

Mrs Malaniuk

Miss Hunt

Mrs Pannas

Miss Hunt

SSA - Mrs Evans

PE Days

Bumblebees - Monday afternoon (with Miss Binns) 

Honeybees - Friday afternoon.

Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school every day (shorts, T-shirt and pumps)



Each class will have a fun packed French lesson with Madam Binns every Monday afternoon.


Chaque classe aura une leçon de français amusante avec Mme Binns tous les lundis après-midi.

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