We hope you and your children are enjoying the Stay 'n' Play sessions (July 6th, 7th, 8th). They are obviously not quite the same as we would normally arrange them but it is so lovely to meet you all!

We have a single vacancy in our Foundation Stage cohort for September 2021. If you or anyone you know is looking for a pace, please contact school.

A recording of our induction meeting, held on Wednesday 19th May should have been emailed to you whether or not you were able to attend. Please contact Miss Langston at c.langston@cheshamprimary.co.uk if you have any further questions or did not receive the link.



 A letter to prospective parents

December 2020

Dear Parents,

          I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to Chesham School. The welcome is not just to your lovely children but to the whole family; this is such an important part of our school ethos and community.


           I have been the Head teacher here for 21 years now and I still love coming to school each and every day! Chesham has always felt like such a special place to me – “quite unique” as described by one member of staff. It is such a happy place and can lift your spirits on even the darkest days.


           Starting school is a major event in your child’s life, as well as in yours. It may well be the first time you have been in school since you were there yourself, although I think you will find it has changed. Under normal circumstances we would be welcoming you into school and showing you round to get a real feel for the school, its environment and the calm, cheerful and friendly atmosphere which surrounds us. I really do hope we can do this once again very soon!


           Every day is exciting and you never know quite what will happen. Whilst our core aim is to instill a love of learning and to develop skills in the core areas of learning; there are so many other important aspects to school life. Children learn to socialise, share, communicate and we open their eyes to a whole new world of knowledge, fun, friendship and fresh experiences.


            Communication is key to successful relationships with our families and we are always available to talk to you. Because it can’t be face to face at the moment, please feel free to email us using the following address keyworkers@cheshamprimary.co.uk or ring school and I will speak with you directly.


            One of our greatest strengths is the attitudes displayed by our children. Children are proud to attend Chesham and don’t like anything which threatens what they hold dear. This was recognised in our last five inspections as a real strength of the school.


             There are always exciting times at Chesham:

  • As well as aiming for the best academic outcomes, we recognise the many achievements and talents of our children in every aspect of their lives.
  • We’ve enjoyed much sporting success in football, tennis, rounders, Tri-golf, netball, athletics and rounders and hold three consecutive games mark gold awards.
  • Children learn French from the first week with us and continue throughout their seven years with us.
  • We have specialist teachers leading our music and our choir have sung at Bury Met and the Bridgewater Hall amongst other places.
  • We enjoy adventurous residential trips away to Robinwood and the Isle of Wight.
  • We have an Eco club and have the Green Flag Award.


School meals – children can have dinners or packed lunches – dinners are cooked on the premises, menus are sent home each term and all children are entitled to free school meals for the first 3 years of school.


We hope to be able to run our induction programme in July when your child will be invited to pay two visits to school and we will be visiting your child in their nursery setting. We also hold an annual induction meeting parents in May.


We have an extremely well established system of supporting children with special educational needs which is overseen by our talented and experienced SENCO, Mr. Roche. Our catchment area is a real mix of ethnicity, socio-economic factors and early life experiences which is maybe why it works so well! We welcome one and all and cherish the individuality of all our children and families.


You will find a lot more information about the school on the website. Please take a look and as I indicated above, contact me if I can be of any assistance!


Yours sincerely,

P. Hudson

Mr. P. Hudson – Head teacher

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions all classes remain in their class bubbles and we try not to allow them to mix. 

We have staggered start and finish times as well as staggered break and dinner times.

Within the classes all children sit at tables facing the front of the class.

There is plenty of hand washing, cleaning and sanitising going on!

Staff wear masks at the gates where we greet children each morning and also as we walk around school.