The main aim of Chesham School is the fullest possible development of each individual child, and the curriculum of the school is one of the principal instruments through which this aim is achieved.

  • Speech and Communication – the ability to express thoughts and ideas; the development of vocabulary.
  • Reading - for fluency and accuracy; for understanding and enjoyment.
  • Writing - in all its many forms; formal, observation, instruction, description, reporting and poetic (fantasy and sensitivity) with an ability to spell correctly.
  • Mathematics - basic numeracy and computation, the development of number concepts and its application to problem solving.

Work broadly covers the following subjects, although we are currently developing a more creative, cross-curricular approach:- English, Mathematics, Science, Design TechnologyMusic, History, Geography, Physical Education, Art and Craft, Religious Education, French, Personal, Social and Health Education and Information Technology.                                                                                                              

There are computers and an interactive whiteboard in every classroom, desktop systems for research purposes, an ICT suite of 5  networked computers, an 'eco' trolley housing 16 laptops and a similar number of I-pads to which all children have access. These are linked to the Internet and children are taught to use this facility under carefully monitored and controlled conditions. These allow more children to use our computer facility on a regular basis - we are hoping to buy further I-pads this year to ensure we have enough for a full class to use them at the same time.

Sex education and drugs education are incidental to work in other subject areas and not part of our core curriculum. However, the school health adviser visits our Y6 children every year for a general talk on health & hygiene.

From May 2021 Relationships education becomes statutory as part of the National Curriculum. We are currently running a programme to support this work; "Jigsaw" - you can find out more from their website at



The school observes the demands of all current legislation including the many year on year changes.  All curriculum policies may be discussed with the Headteacher. If any parents are unhappy about the provision they are asked to complain to the Headteacher in the first instance. The matter will be discussed fully; if it is not resolved the governors have drawn up a Complaints Procedure to be followed. This is available to parents on request.

Please see class pages for a detailed breakdown of each classes curriculum coverage. 

Please follow this link to see a detailed breakdown of the National Curriculum 2014 for each year group.