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SPORT's Premium Statement

What is the Sports Premium?

As part of it's ‘London Olympic Legacy’, the government provided £150 million, over the subsequent two academic years, to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding was jointly provided by the Department for Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport. It meant that money went directly to Primary Schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and P.E.

Initially schools received £8,000 per year, plus an extra £5 per pupil, over two years. The money was only to be spent on sport and PE provision in schools. This funding continues to be provided year on year.


Purpose of the funding:


Schools had to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but were free to choose how they did this.

At Chesham, we have always recognised and valued the contribution of P.E, sport and games to the health and well-being of our children. In addition, it is considered that an innovative and varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities has a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all children.

As well as regular PE lessons, we also provide team competition both in-house and inter-school.        


How is the Sports Funding used to support Physical Education at Chesham?

Since provision and participation at Chesham are already strong; in order to positively affect as many children as possible and have a real impact, we are using the funding to improve physical and sporting opportunities for all.


 Our Principles for PE and Sport Premium Grant Spend

  • Ensure that teaching and learning opportunities in PE are high quality, meeting the needs of all pupils so they may work towards their potential.
  • We provide a broad PE curriculum which includes a wide range of extra-curricular activities for all ages.
  • Sport Premium funding is allocated and targeted based on needs analysis which identifies priority classes, groups or individuals who will benefit from intervention in PE and Sport. Limited funding and resources means that not all children will be in receipt of sport premium interventions at one time.

What is the Impact?

We have gained the Healthy School Award; the Active mark Gold award and the Sainsbury School Games Mark for 3 years running, recognising the breadth, depth and commitment to school sport and games.


In 2022 we became one of the first schools in Bury to achieve the platinum award!

Current Y6 Swimming Competency

From the academic year 2018-2019 schools have been asked to publish information about their current Y6’s competency in meeting the National Curriculum’s Swimming requirements to:

• Swim competently, confidently and practically over a distance of at least 25 metres.
• Use a range of strokes effectively.
• Perform safe, self rescue in different water based situations.

Our children attend weekly swimming lessons during the spring and summer terms of Y4.
In our school:

• % of our Y6 cohort meet this standard

Click here to download  copy of our funding report for 2022-2023.