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Currently, children in school are formally assessed at the end of Key Stage Two before they leave Chesham to attend High School.

In May, they undertake statutory tests (SATs) in Reading, Mathematics and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar which are marked externally. They also take a writing test which is internally marked.

Children's progress is constantly assessed throughout their school career with benchmarking teacher assessments, informed by national tests, at the end of Key Stage One (Year 2), baseline assessments against the Early Learning Goals completed on entry into the Foundation Stage and phonics testing in Year One.

Results of SATs tests are published at the end of the school year (July) although not officially verified until December of the same year. 

We are very proud of the attainment and achievement of our children, but this year we are particularly pleased with the progress our Year 6 children, especially in mathematics, made from their on-entry data to outcomes of the national tests. 

Over the past three years, there has been significant change in the way in which results are interpreted and reported. We do not report in terms of levels but in terms of those children who have, or have not, achieved the "national standard" for their age and those who are achieving "at greater depth."

These tests reflects a new and more challenging curriculum (2014) which has been introduced across the whole school and is now more established.

KS2 Performance data 2018

Percentage of children achieving the Expected Standard at the end of Year 6 is as follows:

Subject Chesham School Bury Schools National Statistics

Reading, Writing & Maths combined: Expected

53 63 64
Reading, writing & maths combined: At Greater depth 7 7 10
Reading Expected 67 75 75
Reading At Greater Depth 20 27 28
Writing Expected 67 78 78
Writing At Greater Depth 7 14 20
Maths Expected 76 76 76
Maths At Greater Depth 18 20 24
Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation: Expected 78 79 78
Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation: At Greater Depth 24 32 34

School Performance Tables

Comprehensive data for schools in England is maintained by the Department for Education (DFE).  This is regularly updated.

View the latest data for Chesham Primary School on the DFE website (opens in a new browser tab or window).