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 Charging for trips (Sorry - "trips" should be blue and is the link but wants to stay red!!!)

Letters regarding school closure during the COVID pandemic

Initial parental letter March 20th 

Parental letter April 3rd 

Key worker letter April 30th 

Parental Letter May 1st

Returning to school intentions May 18th 

Urdu translation of returning to school intentions May 18th 

Possible partial reopening letter May 15th 

Urdu translation of possible partial reopening letter May 15th 

Council Letter May 21st

School covering letter May 21st 

School position May 31st

Y6 return June 3rd 

June 9th update

June 16th - new work packs

June 16th - Y6 return letter

 June 26th latest news

July 3rd - collection of reports

 July 10th - September return letter

 July 15th - Plans for September

August 26th - Reminder of plans

August 30th - Update

September 1st - Welcome back

September 9th - Polite requests

September 23rd - latest news

 October 27th - reopening plans

November 12th - events and advice

 November 28th - Christmas is coming!

December 9th - Parties and events

January 4th - limited opening

January 5th - lockdown closure

January 8th - details of remote learning

January 15th - new work packs available

January 22nd - latest update

January 26th - Lockdown letter

January 29th - Home learning

February 2nd - Half term

March 29th - Parents' Evening

May 6th - Moseley Avenue closure

 May 25th - closure

May 27th - PHE letter

July 13th - Class return after close contact

July 16th - Schools regulations update

Reading at Home


Library Recognition System reminder


KS2 dinners - system


parking_3.doc - A request for parental cooperation to ensure it is safe for our children at 8.55 and 3.30 in particular.


INFORMATION_ON_THE_SCHOOL_POLICY_DURING_THE_MUSLIM_MONTH_OF_RAMADAN.pdf  Please find details of the schools policy with regards to fasting during school time.