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Chesham Primary School

Belong, Believe, Achieve, Succeed


All the staff at our school play a part in the pastoral care of our children and receive annual safeguarding training in order to do this effectively.  The responsibilities for schools in the area of child protection are laid down in the Children Acts of 1989 and 2004.  Because of their day-to-day contact with individual children during school terms, teachers and other school staff are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour and failure to develop. All staff at school are aware of the need to alert the designated teacher and/or Social Services where they believe a child has been abused or is at risk of abuse.

All teachers are part of duty teams which care for the children during morning and afternoon breaks. We have 8 trained first aiders on the teaching and support staff.  At lunchtime, our children are supervised by teams of teaching assistants.

School cannot accept responsibility for administering medicines unless they are both prescribed and accompanied by a letter from parents asking us to administer the medicine in school. Medicine must be labelled with the appropriate child’s name. Under normal circumstances, we are advised that there is no need for medicine to be given during school hours.




Our 3 Golden Rules- Ready, Respectful, Safe

At Chesham we are committed to create a positive climate within the school based on a sense of community and shared values. Discipline is based upon good relationships and mutual respect.

READY to learn – we arrive at school on time, we have our equipment ready and we show that we are listening

RESPECTFUL – we listen when others speak and we respect the property of our friends and the school. Be still and silent at playtime whistle. Enter and leave assembly silently.

SAFE – we walk around school in a safe manner, we follow instructions to keep ourselves safe in school and on school trips, we use equipment safely and we stay safe online.


Visible Consistencies- what all teaching staff will do:

  • Supervise pupils as they enter/leave classrooms;
  • Follow up behaviour with pupils in any class;
  • Notice/adjust pupil behaviour in class/around school/assembly/lunchtime/break time



  • Giving verbal, specific praise regularly;
  • Giving stickers, house points, class dojos;
  • Giving certificates;
  • Giving star of the day/week;
  • Awarding Achiever of the week;
  • Using the proud cloud so pupils can acknowledge their own achievements;
  • Having WOW stars and WOW awards half termly;
  • Sending pupils to the Head teacher for good behaviour, positive attitudes to learning, outstanding achievement;
  • Writing, telephoning or telling parents or carers how well-behaved and hardworking their child is



Parents are encouraged to notify school of the reason for any absence by phone and/or letter on the first day. If the absence is likely to be a long one (eg: over a week) the Head teacher should be informed.

We are working to improve our  attendance figures and appeal for the support and co-operation of parents in this. Holidays must not be taken during term time as this has a detrimental effect on your child's education. The long term cost to your child's education of going on holiday in term time outweighs the short term gain of the holiday at the time. The £60 fixed penalty cost is the least of the costs. It is the impact on your child's future educational success that presents the greatest cost. Children miss vital learning that cannot be repeated. It is widely acknowledged that  mental health and personal wellbeing flourish when children have good routines and engage with their learning. I urge you to prioritise the long term benefits of regular school attendance over the shot term impact of a holiday in term time.

We also urge you to ensure your children arrive punctually to school. therefore maximising the teaching time available. A member of staff is on duty in the playground from 8.45a.m, so children may arrive from then. Lessons start at 8.55am. 

The school has an attendance policy, which is available on the school website.

We have our own Parent Support Advisor who is in school every Monday all day and Thursday morning and acts to support parents and their children with issues they are facing both in and out of school.




The NHS funded Mental Health Support Team are actively involved in school, supporting pupils with low level anxiety, worry and low mood. Please click on the link below to find out more about the service.

   Bury MHST - Parent/Carer Guide


Katie Barker is a trainee Education Mental Health Practitioner and will be supporting pupils at Chesham. Her role will be:

  •  To deliver 1:1 and group interventions to children, young people, and parents.
  •  To work with teachers to develop whole-school approaches to improve everyone’s mental health.
  •  To give advice to school staff to help children get the right support.

Please click on the link below to find out more about Katie's role.

   All About Me


If you have concerns regarding supporting your child's mental health and wellbeing then please click the link here to access expert advice.



As part of our pastoral care, we run group wellbeing interventions in school using an intervention known as Hamish and Milo. This is an emotional literacy programme to support the wellbeing and mental health of primary-aged children. The  nurturing sessions are designed to ensure that children are happier, heard and connected.

If you would like further information then follow this link Hamish and Milo