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School is now closed for the half term break. We reopen on Monday 26th February for the 2nd half of the Spring Term. Have a lovely holiday everyone!

If we are unable to open school safely because of snow at any time this winter, we will contact you by text, put a post on the school website and contact Key 103.


A translation facility is available for this website using the Google translate function on the top right of this page.

Our Parent Support Advisor, Lindsey Maginn, is available every Monday morning at 9.00 for pop-ins to provide a variety of help, advice and support. Just drop in.

We have an answer phone option when you ring school. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.                                                                                                                                

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Last update: 2018-02-18

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No Pens Day Wednesday 2017

Pupils at Chesham Primary School joined thousands of other children across the country, on Wednesday 12th October, in putting down their pens and picking up their language. The day, known as, 'No Pens Day Wednesday' is an initiative set up by the Communication Trust to promote speaking and listening amongst children. Pens and pencils were banned for the day and teachers came up with innovative ideas to promote communication. The pupils participated in a range of exciting and fun packed activities ranging from pizza making to  walking through 'conscience alley'  to  explore the dilemma facing  a book character. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day with many wishing that it was No Pens Day, everyday!

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School Closed17Feb2018

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School remains closed for the half term break.

School reopens26Feb2018

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School opens for the second half of the spring term.

World Book Day01Mar2018

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Lots of fun and dressing up to celebrate World Book Day

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