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A huge 'THANK YOU!' to everyone who came along to our Christmas Fair and supported The Friends of Chesham's fundraising efforts for our school!


Our Christmas Penny Post is now up & running until the end of term.                                                                                                                                                                                 

**************************************************************   As of Friday November 22nd, when we officially launched our   148 solar panel initiative - "We run on sun!"           


Arrangements for coming into school: Doors are unlocked from 8.45 a.m. and children can come straight into  their respective classes. School starts at 8.55 a.m. Please do not leave your child before a member of staff arrives on the playground at 8.45 a.m.

Our Parent Support Adviser, Lindsey Hales, is available all day every Monday from 9.00 a.m. for pop-ins to provide a variety of help, advice and support. Just drop in.                                              

On the parents page there is a link to a "Parents' Guide" all about the grammar your children are learning about at school.

A translation facility is available for this website using the Google translate function on the top right of this page.

We have an answer phone option when you ring school. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.  

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Our recycled Bee sculpture was on display in the Millgate shopping centre. It was created by Ian's grandma along with Class 6 (when they were Class 4!) It is now installed as a permanent feature outside school.

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As part of anti-bullying week; a local performance poet, Paul Jenkins, has written this poem and recorded Bury children giving a powerful performance of his poem, which is showing above. See if you can spot two of our children!


Why do you point at my trainers?

Why do you pull at my hair?

Why won’t you be my partner?

Why do you stand and stare?

Why did you trip me over

As I went to stand in the queue?

As I clattered hard in to the counter,

Nobody laughed at you.

Why would I put my hand up?

Do you giggle under your breath?

Why don’t you want me on your team

And tell me instead to be ref?

Why did you steal my best pencil

Before the start of that test?

Why do you say I’m scruffy

That I’m different from all the rest?

Why did you steal that ten pound note

That I had in my bag with the slip?

The money my mum had saved for a month

That meant I missed the school trip.

Why do I get no invites?

Why do I eat alone?

Why can nobody see how my head is down when I start to walk home?

Why do you send me those messages

About my mum or my dad?

Why do you slate me on chat rooms

In a group I know you call ‘sad’?

Why is it I bother trying when I know I’m not going to win?

That this world would clearly be better if it wasn’t stuck having me in?

One day soon I’ll turn invisible

And then I don’t know what you’ll do.

You’ll be all alone with no one to mock

And to bully the whole day through.

Perhaps when you don’t have a victim

And you feel isolated- you’ll see,

How horrible life is as a nothing

And just what it feels to be me…


By Paul Jenkins

Latest School Events

Penny Post02Dec2019

@ School hall

Our Christmas Card delivery service runs throughout December.

KS2 Carol Concert10Dec2019

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm @ School hall

The first performance of "Children of the World"

KS2 Carol Concert11Dec2019

9:15 am - 10:15 am @ School hall

The first performance of "Children of the World"

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